I am Aahel, a product designer @Faire with a passion for helping build socially good products.

3 things I love

  • Analog guitar pedals

  • Making large paintings

  • Collecting sneakers

When in doubt, hover

Product Designer @ Lyft, San Francisco
Rochester Institute of Technology
Kolkata, India


I am [popup_anything id=”1471″], a product designer @ [popup_anything id=”1462″]
with an obsession for analog guitar pedals.

3 things I love ?

  • [popup_anything id=”1476″]

  • [popup_anything id=”2718″]

  • [popup_anything id=”2720″]

Currently designing financial products @Faire to help empower entrepreneurs chase their dreams.

Here are some projects I shipped

Returns Revamp

Improving the end to end returns experience for all retailers on Faire.

Lyft Media
Building delightful in-car tablet experiences for riders as we define the future of rideshare.
Family account

Providing families safety, comfort and convenience as they pay for rides taken by loved ones.

Health Safety

A face mask verification experience to greatly improve health and safety on the platform.

Wait, there’s more…



Designing experiences for riders and drivers to fully represent themselves on the platform.


Privacy suite

A range of privacy products to make Lyft CCPA compliant and give users control over their data.