CLIENT  Rochester Regional Health


DURATION  September – November 2018


We worked with Rochester General Health to design a wayfinding system using AR technology for hospital visitors. The following case study comprises of our approach, ideas, and learnings. 


Rochester Regional Health challenged us to conceptualize a better indoor wayfinding system for hospitals driven by augmented reality technology. Being a highly complex space, such a problem pushed us as designers to consider an intuitive and sensitive end to end solution.
Pain points
First time visits are intimidating and often confusing
There is a disconnect between hospital spaces and its visitors.
Everything looks the same, hence it easy to get lost
Can do more to create a valuable experience for visitors
Goals and Solutions


Designing an experience sensitive to the user’s emotional journey

User’s emotional journey

We identified and visualized key emotional moments in the user’s journey in order to craft an experience around it.


Intuitively guiding and instructing the user throughout the journey


Based on our research and identifying pain points in the early half of the user journey we wanted to introduce a helpful onboarding flow to orient new users and set expectations at this time.

Evoke confidence

Clear in-app entry points and communication to reduce confusion and anxiety. We wanted to focus on giving the user a good understanding of where they were and where they’re going.

Intuitive & contextual feedback
Location-based triggers to help users navigate & interact with their surroundings effectively thus enhancing spatial awareness and helping users be comfortable in the space.


Using AR to help create a more integrated experience between user and space.

Seamless Transitioning

The dedicated ?live mode? button allows users to toggle between AR and 2D map view. This would allow users the freedom to engage with the space in multiple ways, allowing scope for both identification and navigation.

Creating Valuable Experiences

AR wayfinding helps the user engage with their surroundings to create valuable and more connected experiences.

User Coaching
Helps train and educate users to be more aware and sensitive to their surroundings, therefore, becoming better and responsible visitors.
Navigation begins in AR
Navigation that begins in AR facilitates discovery and engagement.

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