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Designing the future of in-car ride share experiences

What’s Lyft Media?

An emerging business product aiming to enrich in-ride customer experiences and create new revenue streams.


A mounted Samsung tablet device for riders


Riders can play music, track their route and rate/pay for rides. We aimed to explore entertainment, contextual e-commerce in the near future. 

Why the refresh?

After the MVP, the product needed to scale. We had really informative numbers that showed us big changes were required in the product.


Drop in engagement rate once we add new cards.

Adding new features cannibalizes existing ones.


Engagement not high enough

Riders said they didn’t know this was a Lyft product they could use.

User insights

The pandemic was upon us, and our team had the responsibilty to create a safe way for people to transport themselves during the pandemic and protect their communities.


Riders said they didn’t know certain features like music were available as they didn’t scroll.


Riders said they were not sure if this tablet was to be used by them or if it belonged to driver.

Enjoyable & easy

Those that used the feature did enjoy the experience and were impressed.

How might we improve the tablet UX to increase engagement while building a scalable system for the future?







What are the building blocks to a successful in-car tablet experience?

Updated design language

A componentized set of widgets created using Lyft design systems. This makes the product look and feel like Lyft and improves awareness. Users immediately were able to draw parallels between the UI.

A system for in-car experiences

Optimized type and tap target size that accounts for motion, distance and position inside a ride.

A new stack of widgets

Most important info pinned to the top and communicating the status of the ride followed by entry points into music, other features and user actions. 

New side panels

Communicate ephemeral messaging and provide more info after user interaction.

✅ Riders can complete simple tasks quickly without being taken away from the primary map screen.

✅ We can now contextually upsell, alert and notify riders based on user interaction or situation.

A navigation system to help scale

Navigation is key for a scalable IA allowing users to explore a wide range of offerings.

Addressing discoverability with user coaching

A new user experience that gives riders a tour of the product and what they can do.


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