CLIENT??School Project

ROLE? Concept, Visual Design, Animation

DURATION??December 2017

An immersive interactive experience based on travel adventures and memories.


This was a team project with the extremely talented Amanda Ho. Our goal was to design and animate a concept interactive experience that takes the user on a journey through events and experiences from their travels. We envisioned a live and animated journal/ sticker book where the user collects and grows their own personal collection of memories and adventures.

Mood & style

We wanted to explore the idea of using a strong line based visual style with a limited but fun use of color. We wanted to emulate the aesthetic of a paper poster book with stylized illustrations and fun lively animations.


A few sketchbook excerpts from the ideation and wireframing process.

Fun & friendly

It was a lot of fun coming up with the branding and overall animation and visual style of the experience. We wanted to create a fun and friendly experience while tackling the information design.

Thank you!