CLIENT  School Project

ROLE  Concept, Visual Design, Animation

DURATION  May 2017

Design & animate an immersive entertainment experience through a large touchscreen interface.


The most fun I had with this project was researching synthesizers and drum machines from or deeply inspired by the 70s and 80s, studying their design, UI, posters, etc. Someday I hope to own a few of them myself!

Mood & style

I was inspired by 80’s futuristic cinema and entertainment from which I extracted my color palette and visual elements for the project. I was especially drawn to the high contrasts, exaggerated glows, and stroked typography.

Sketchbook ideation

Excerpts from my sketchbook where I explored ways in which I could visualize the concept. I was inspired by interactive installations and drew a lot of visual inspiration from them.

Motion is space travel

“Music was a vector that we wanted to build a universe around.” – Tomas Bangalter(Daft Punk)

Being a MEGA fan of Daft Punk it’s hard to not spot the influence the duo has had on this project. I wanted to embody the decade’s obsession with the future and outer space through this project which takes a spaceship cockpit like form and tries to emulate the idea of space travel via music.

Final animation

This project was almost completely visual design and animation centric therefore my goals were strictly restricted to creating a visually engaging animation.

Thank you!

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