Pronunciation: (aah-hel)

Meaning: Virtuous, Pure Origin: Sanskrit

A product designer born and brought up in Kolkata, India.

I am currently a product designer at Lyft’s identity and integrity team, designing safe, reliable and delightful experiences for our users.

I got my BFA in New Media Design at Rochester Institute of Technology along with a minor in Business Administration. I believe this combination has allowed me to cultivate a multifaceted thinking process and has also kept me excited about that occasional ‘suit up day’.

I try to stay informed and learn about everything from emerging technology to midi keyboards. Keeping up to date with my Netflix List has me recently obsessing over David Fincher’s Mind Hunter. Depending on when you read this, that may change ?

Alongside work, I love working on my art and spent the summer of 2019 curating and displaying my solo art show in India, showcasing a series of paintings, installations, and sculptures for my series playschool.

Here are some places you can follow me –BehanceLinkedin, and Vimeo

or feel free to message me at – axi6709@g.rit.edu