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Safety is critical to healthy communities. During the pandemic this was more true than ever. To motivate compliance, we built a mask verification experience as one of our key health safety initiatives.


The pandemic was upon us, and our team had the responsibilty to create a safe way for people to transport themselves during the pandemic and protect their communities.

2,000,000 ^

Total cases in US as of May 2020

100,000 ^

Deaths as of May 2020


Reduced risk for mask wearers

*Statistics from CDC and UCDavisHealth

Our mask verification was highly impactful and critical to health safety on the platform

Need for face mask enforcement policy

The purpose of a policy is to set clear rules and expectations. The goal is maximum compliance with the smallest amount of additional effort exerted from the community. In the case of Health Safety, successful compliance with our policy means that people can transport themselves more safely during the pandemic and protect their communities. Safety is critical to healthy communities, and now more than ever. We hope that sharing our approach inspires ideas to help other communities as well.


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