Lyft Family

TEAM Identity @ Lyft

ROLE  Product Designer

TIMELINE  2020 – 2021

Solving family accounts is an essential step to household adoption with features that provide families safety, comfort and convenience on the platform. 


As the head of the household, Caitlin has two older children, who are partially financially dependent on her. Caitlin wants to share her credit card but maintain some level of control and visibility in usage of the card. In the past she’s given her credit card outright, but when the credit card statement comes she doesn’t always know if it’s fraudulent or not. Caitlin is excited to create her family account, adding her children. She gets notifications when they are in late night rides, feeling safe and secure that her kids are making the most of Lyft.

Our building blocks

Building the product ground up from scratch was a powerful learning experience. We used UXR, experimentation and cross functional workshops to empower our thinking as we made tradeoffs and decisions.

Through these interviews we tried to understand what they value and validate our early concepts.

Tracked our MVP through experiments and launched quant surveys to inform V1 prioritization.

Ideation workshop
Concept testing and qualitative research
Launch MVP
Experiment and quantitative research

Got stakeholders together in a room to align on principles and workshop ideas to bring to users.

Based on these findings, the team aligned on the MVP product experience for Lyft Family.

Research Findings

Through foundational qualitative research we discovered a strong opportunity to provide easier ways to share payment methods and care for loved ones in ways that support people’s specific family dynamics. Across our respondents, we found six common principles that shape this ideal family account experience.
These key universal principles support a meaningful family accounts user journey.

Synthensis & Strategy

After a round of informative user interviews, our path forward became clearer. Certain principles became more salient at different points in the user journey. We synthesized these principles into 3 pillars that would define our product experience moving forward.


Allow our users to feel comfortable about their loved ones travelling safely using Lyft.


Provide users control over their families travels. Track expenses, share location and simplify charges.


Users must find the feature conveneient and helpful to use and book rides for themsleves.


Lyft Family is designed to serve the needs of both our primary user roles. Early research and concept testing helped us clearly frame this.

Primary organizer of the account. They create the account, pay for rides, add/remove members and track in progress rides.

Can use Lyft Family as a payment method after they’re invited to join the account. They Share in progress ride details with the admin and can leave the family account anytime.



Introducing the feature to the admin.

Lyft Family home

Allowing the admin to navigate the features and controls of the
family account.

Member settings & transparency

Communication and transparency was a key component
while designing the experiences for both admin and members.

Invitation to family

How the member get invited and join a family.

Lyft Family home

Allowing the member to navigate the features and controls of their family account.